Bridging the gap between “what is” and “what can be” to deliver sustainable growth further, faster
Blending our multidisciplinary expertise
with in-depth industry knowledge to provide effective consulting solutions
Working at the intersection of art and
science to deliver on your mission as never before
Crafting tailor-made solutions to match
with our client’s uniqueness rather than
relying on one-size-fits-all proposition
Whether you’ve been around for a while
or you’re a newer name, we are here to help

Our Service Offering

We operate within seven lines of business to offer an extensive portfolio of services that meet your most pressing consulting needs and pave your path to the next normal.

Meanwhile, we set up Devon Academy as hub of capability building to complement our consulting services and provide impactful learning experiences that drive change.

Sectors We Serve

What’s your industry? Devon has effectively addressed a diverse array of sectoral needs. Our expertise spans a vast range of industries from manufacturing, technology & banking to governmental services, retail and many others that rooted on local knowledge and global perspective.

Why Choose Devon

When you're choosing between Devon and other consulting firms, you may want to know what makes us different.

01 We've done it before


Our expertise will help make sure your project is a success. We know what works and we know what will waste your time and money. We’ve a few grey hairs to prove it.

02 Value for Money


We focus only on the right things that matter to your bottom line. We don't need to sell you something you have no use for. So, our charging rates are highly competitive.

03 Practical Solutions


You want concrete results. We create solutions rooted in our real-world experience rather than business theories.

04 Customized Service


We’ve never taken a template-driven approach. We go the extra mile and craft bespoke innovative solutions that perfectly fit your organization’s needs and aspirations.

05 Project Management


We speak project management language—most of our consultants are PMP. So, no chance for scope creep, budget overrun, project risk, quality sacrifice or schedule delay.

06 Capacity Building


We do not only deliver on consulting solutions, but also help you understand how your organization put it into practice.

Geography Focus


Our Partners & Affiliations

We place great value on the partnership with complementary solutions providers and membership in international organizations to expand our reach and deliver more innovative solutions.


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